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Online Sinus Yoga

Patanjalee Shyambhai Yoga offers customized online yoga classes for sinus based on your specific needs. Sinus is another name for sinusitis. Sinusitis is a condition that leads to swelling in the sinuses (a network of hollow spaces in a person’s skull). When the sinuses become blocked, germs grow, and you become infected.

Viruses, allergies, nasal polyps, deviated septums, and certain medical conditions can cause sinusitis. There are many symptoms associated with sinus, including dull facial pressure or pain, headaches, colds, stuffy noses, coughing, and fevers.

Our Guruji Shyamsunder Biyani offers sinusitis yoga therapy based on symptoms, severity, age, and causes so that you can get relief faster. Our Yoga therapy for sinus comprises a variety of yoga asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, meditation, and yogic diet.

Our therapist profile 

Shyamsunder Biyani – Senior Therapist
30 years of experience in practicing Yoga
Trained under Magan Vasavraj who has Lead Trainer and have experience of 40 years in Yoga.
Seasoned Practitioner & have trained more than 1000+ students

For an appointment, you can call us in +91 892 812 6174.

Why us for Sinus Yoga Classes?

Our sinus yoga classes is very natural and you don’t need any oral intake as a part of our yoga therapy.

As there is no oral intake you won’t have any unwanted side effects.

You can feel the betterment in just a few days after starting the yoga therapy.

Yoga improves entire immunity power so it improves not only sinus but it also gives strength to stay healthy from all diseases.

Patanjalee Shyambhai Yoga also offers yoga classes for members all over the world with its online yoga classes. Classes are 100% live with personalized yoga practices. You can call +91 892 812 6174. and join the classes.

Patanjalee Shyambhai Yoga offers the best yoga classes for sinus, neck pain, back pain, knee pain, obesity, sleep apnea, migraine as well.

Online Yoga Classes To Get Rid Of Sinus

Yoga therapy can be extremely effective in relieving sinus problems. Breathing techniques and several yoga poses can greatly enhance sinus health and general well-being. Some of the yoga poses include:

    • The Downward-Facing Dog Pose, or Adhomukhshwanasan, helps in reducing sinus, which helps to relieve congestion and improves breathing clarity.
    • With Nadishodhan (Alternate Nostril Breathing), your nasal passages are balanced, which prevents congestion while improving breathing quality.
    • Ushtrasan (Camel Pose) improves breathing and reduces sinus congestion by opening up the chest and throat.
    • In Matsyasan (Fish Pose), the neck and throat are stretched, improving airflow and relieving sinus congestion.
    • With Kapalbhati (Skull-Shining Breath), your respiratory system is cleansed, you have clear nasal passages, and you breathe refreshingly, relieving sinus discomfort. 

Whether it’s acute or chronic, sinus problems might differ in terms of your demands and the types of sinuses you have. It is best to speak with an experienced yoga therapist or medical expert for personalized guidance and efficient care.

Please call us at +91 892 812 6174 if you have any questions about our specialized yoga classes for sinus.

Live fully and breathe freely!

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