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Power Yoga Classes in Chennai

power yoga for beginners

Power Yoga or vinyasa yoga refers to the alignment of movement and breath, a method which turns static asanas into a dynamic flow. This series of Yoga postures stretches and elongates the muscles.

At the same time, it builds strength, stamina, lean muscle mass and is a good way to get rid of toxins.

Power Yoga can, therefore, reshape your body as well as your mind. It gives the benefits of aerobics and the power of yoga and is as an excellent training for sportsmen.

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Power Yoga Benefits

Power yoga makes the body strong & flexible.

Continuous practice of series of challenging yoga poses improves the overall stamina of the practitioner.

Power yoga builds and tones the muscle when practised regularly.

Power yoga has huge impact on the stress & anxiety level of the practitioner. It drastically reduce them when practised continuously with the proper guidance.

Location is not a constraint, Online Classes Available.

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