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Women are the caregivers and the fulcrum of the entire family. Yoga is imperative for the home makers as well as working women to pause and recharge in their hectic daily schedules.

A woman’s body undergoes several physical, hormonal and physiological changes through her life time be it pregnancy and motherhood or menopause.

The yoga benefits for women are emotional well-being, physical fitness while specifically addressing common women health issues like lower back pain or lower abdominal pain.

Special Pre and Post Natal Yoga Classes are conducted at Patanjalee. Simple yoga asanas during and after pregnancy intended to strengthen the body , maintain emotional balance are taught to avoid complications.

Our Online Pregnancy Yoga Classes details

Our Online Pregnancy Yoga Classes details

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Online Pregnancy Yoga Classes For Breach Position

In Our pregnancy yoga classes, expecting mothers are introduced to specialized poses and exercises designed to encourage optimal fetal positioning, especially if the baby is in a breech position. 

We offer customised yoga practices focusing on gentle stretches and movements that help relax the pelvic muscles and ligaments. Certain poses, like the Cat-Cow stretch, pelvic tilts, and gentle hip circles, are incorporated to create space in the pelvis and encourage the baby to naturally turn head-down. Additionally, deep breathing techniques are taught to reduce stress and tension, creating a calming environment for both the mother and the baby.

It’s crucial, however, to approach these exercises with caution and under the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor or healthcare provider. Every pregnancy is unique, and what works for one person might not be suitable for another. With proper guidance, these yoga practices can provide a supportive and nurturing way for expectant mothers to enhance their overall well-being and potentially assist the baby in assuming the optimal position for a smooth vaginal delivery.

*Consulting with a healthcare professional ensures that the exercises are safe and tailored to the individual’s specific needs and medical history. 

Why yoga important for Pregnancy?

During & after pregnancy , women faces lot of physical & emotional changes. Prenatal & postnatal yoga gives the amazing relaxation to the mother.

 Yoga makes the mind and body of the mother & baby healthy.

Sleepless nights are the nightmares to most of the pregnant women. Yoga keeps the mind & body calm and triggers the sound sleep to the mother.

Yoga reduces the stress and anxiety to the mother with its relaxing breathing and other techniques.

Lower back pain is a very common problem in women during & after the pregnancy. Unique yoga practices reduce or avoid the back pain.

Yoga improves pelvic flexibility, strengthens the mother’s body and mind. This make the childbirth easy.

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