Intelligence Yoga For Students (Buddhi Yoga)

  • Students appearing for board exams need to work for long hours. Yoga techniques help minimize energy loss and to derive maximum rest in less sleep time
  • Concentration is correlated to better success in studies. The one-pointed focus skills learnt on yoga mat is useful to pay attention in class
  • Pranayama is great to remove stress and tension from student’s minds. It helps to focus on important things and not get distracted

PATANJALEE SHYAMBHAI has tailor-made yoga classes for students. The asanas, breathing exercises and meditation are designed to improve creative faculties, ability to concentrate and increase retention capacity. Yoga helps you become a better student.

Why Yoga important for students?

      Yoga relaxes the mind and make the students calm and enhances the concentration to study. 

     Students learn the difference between committed practice versus an immediate accomplishment.

      Yoga counters the pressures faced by today’s student who live in a daily battle of excessive school work, TV, video games, and commuting.

      Yoga improves memory & attention span in both children & adults. Even it cures ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Location is not a constraint, Online Classes Available.

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