Yoga For Welfare Success (Ksemam Yoga)

At PATANJALEE, Occupational Therapy Yoga addresses the physical, functional and environmental needs of different professionals.

A 20 year old dancer, a 35 year old software professional or a 17 year old singer have different needs. Yoga for singers’ assists in their alignment and breathing, to bring freedom and control to their singing, and to manage the anxiety of performing.

For dancers, flexibility and the mind body connection is enhanced. Likewise for teachers, software professional or others, their occupation is taken into account, and various yoga asanas, balancing mudras and proper posture are taught.

Ksemam Yoga teaches everyone how best to use their bodies based on their professions and individual need.

Why Yoga important for you?

Ksemam yoga improves the skill required to excel their profession. The skill set required for a teacher & dancer is fundamentally different. Our Yoga guru will give his utmost care on this aspect and gives customized yoga practice to the people based on their profession.

      Yoga relaxes the mind and make the professionals to concentrate on the ways to achieve their goals.

As it improves skills and concentration, the practitioner gets an immediate impulse to achieve their goals.

Usually a big dream come up with the big problem called stress. Ksemam Yoga reduces stress and enhance the focus on achieving the goals.

Location is not a constraint, Online Classes Available.

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