Yoga Retreat in Chennai, India

Our Guruji Dr.Ramakrishnan G Passed Away on July 15, 2022. So We Are Temporarily Not Operating.

Yoga Retreat in Chennai, India


Do you feel disconnected to your soul? Now-a-days it is a common problem in this stressful & competitive world.

Yoga retreat is a great solution to this problem.Higher officials or working professionals who find no time on routine working days to peace their mind can gather at one place and attend the 2-3 days yoga  retreat program.

It can be on weekends or weekdays as per your convenience.Yoga retreat can be for wellness, preventive or therapeutic value or pain (example : back pain, neck pain, head ache etc.) and Life style disorders ( example : sleeping issues, diabetes, obesity, respiratory, digestive problems etc.)

Even you can combine your official meet ups or conferences with the yoga retreat.


Yoga retreat can be held at luxurious and peaceful resort – Peter’s park. Peter’s park is located at naturally beautiful Yelagiri hills. Its a perfect destination for peaceful yoga retreat in Yelagiri.

Location : Peters Park, Manjakollaipudur , Yelagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu, India.

Duration : 2 to 3 days as you wish.

Contact : Dr. Ramakrishnan , +91 984 126 2874



Contact Dr. Ramakrishnan

Contact Dr. Ramakrishnan


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