Best Yoga Therapist

Best Yoga Therapist

Dr. G. Ramakrishnan – One of the best yoga therapist.


He has accomplished P.hd in yoga, P.G. Diploma in Yoga Therapy and he has more than 18 years of expertise in yoga & therapy. He is a Level 2 Yoga teacher certified by Ministry of AYUSH and Yoga Certification Board. Also, he specialized under various traditions of yoga.


He is the Director of Patanjalee Institute of Yoga & Therapy and Secretary – Trustee of Patanjalee Yoga Foundation. He learnt the ancient art from the noted Guruji Sunderesan who has imbibed in yogic traditions for seventy years. PATANJALEE is a legacy started by Guruji Sunderesan and the tradition continues under

Dr.G. Ramakrishnan.

Dr. Ramakrishnan is also a visiting faculty in various universities including well known Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University. He handles Diploma, PG Diploma, B.Sc and M.Sc. yoga courses.


His dedication to yoga got him extreme fame and awards , vital few are, Doranachariyar Award, Yoga Bhooshan Award, Yoga Kalaimamani and The Best Teacher Award. He is quite famous in Tv , radio shows about yoga. Notably, he was a special guest in Jaya TV, Vendhar TV ,  All India Radio and more… His endless thirst about yoga made him to publish 5 international & 10 national  journal publications.

Pain? He can give you the lasting solution..

He is not only a yoga trainer, he is a well trained & successful healer to relieve pains and various disorders.


Medicines alone sometimes don’t provide lasting solutions for certain diseases, or some may cause side effects. He cures such diseases completely, without any side effects by appropriate Yoga practices & modifications.It could be the standalone or combination/supportive therapy depends on the nature & intensity of the disorder.

He gives the customized yoga therapy to disorders such as

  • Back pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Migraine, Headache, Sinusitis, Sleeping Disorders including Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, Sneezing

  • Central Serous Retinopathy, Eye Blinking, Glaucoma (uncontrolled)

  • Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, Menstrual Disorders, Urinary Stress Incontinence

  • Stress, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia

  • Parkinson’s, Respiratory Disorders

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Digestive Disorder

He is the best yoga therapist to cure pains & various disorders. So, This is the right place to restore your health.


Pain? Why wait? Contact Patanjalee Institute of Yoga and Therapy to get relief.

Location is not a constraint. Online classes available.

Contact Dr. Ramakrishnan


Patanjalee Inst of Yoga & Therapy
6/18, 2nd Canal Cross Street, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar,
Chennai - 600 020 (Lister Building, Near Cancer Hospital)


+91 984 126 2874
+91 984 166 6015

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Monday/Friday: 5am to 7pm
Saturday: 9am to 5.30pm
Sunday: Holiday or with prior appointments

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