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Yoga For Children (Sristi Yoga)

Yoga For Children
(Sristi Yoga)

PATANJALEE has specifically designed yoga program for children that brings holistic development including physical, psychological and physiological growth.

Yoga is taught the Vinyasa way, which is a flowing, dynamic form of yoga, connected to breath that takes into account the energetic and supple nature of children.

Children learn to exercise, play and connect more deeply through the asanas, mudras and kriyas.

Kids can practice yoga from the age of 4.

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Why Yoga important for your kids?

      Maintains Flexibility (Childrens Nature), Improves Strength and Helps Growing Bodies.

      Yoga relaxes the mind , make the children calm and enhances the concentration to study. 

      Children learn the difference between committed practice versus an immediate accomplishment.

      Yoga counters the pressures faced by today’s children who live in a daily battle of excessive school work, TV, video games.

      Doing yoga, children rediscover their natural sense of wonder and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them.

      Yoga Improves the overall immunity in children. So that they can be prevented from cold, fever, allergy, obesity, diabetes and more.

Location is not a constraint, Online Classes Available.

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