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Yoga therapy is one of the best alternative for various ailments including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sinus, diabetes, obesity and so on.
PatanjaleeYoga is best-loved for its best back pain treatment in Chennai.

Here we present , what our customer says about our back pain treatment and other success stories.
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Back Pain Treatment In Chennai

I Latha J, 42 yrs from Chennai suffered from back pain especially of the spinal cord for 2 years. The problem was aggravated by 45 min drive to work and carrying bucket full of cloth for drying from ground to 3rd floor. I was forced to wear belt and was on pain killer medications for 2 months. The pain became so debilitating that I was forced to take 30 min rest after 10 min of kitchen work. I came to Patanjalee for Yoga Therapy and attained 95% cure on the first day. The cure was so miraculous and that my entire family was overjoyed. I completed my therapy sessions and avoided carrying weights for 2 months as advised. Now I have been doing regular yoga for 6 months and I am energetic and feel better than I was before the injury happened. The stiffness in my back and muscles has been released and my body is becoming more flexible.

Yoga Treatment for Back Pain

I Roopa, 33 yrs had severe back pain and stiffness of nerves. During the night, I had to get up slowly and change my position frequently. Despite that, I would find myself unable to move in the morning when I woke up. This would also disturb my sleep very much. I also had high pulse rate and developed headache whenever I went out in the sun. Sometimes, my nerves would become stiff and my hands and feet would turn ice cold. I had to be taken to the hospital for injections. I was not confident when I started the yoga therapy sessions.  I was doubtful if I would be able to do the asanas. But shyamsunder sir told me that if I could sit, he would start the asanas in that position itself. In the beginning, he taught me simple asanas in sitting or lying down position. However, the changes were dramatic. In a week, my back ache of 7 yrs was completely gone! I could sleep in one position through the night. After a month of therapy, I could go out in the sun or walk long distances. In fact, I fulfilled a promise I made and walked around a temple in morning sun for 8 km. Except for some leg cramps, I did not feel any discomfort. Today, I have increased energy level and feel relaxed. All my palpitations are gone. My toned body and weight loss is the ‘hot topic’ among my family and friends. I have learnt Surya Namaskar and do it daily at home. Yoga has changed my life for the good!

 Yoga For Anxiety, Stress, Stiffness

K. Sudarshan, 26 yrs’ Though, I don’t live in Chennai, my parents do and during one of my visits here, I met shyamsunder sir. I had anxiety and stress problems coupled with stiffness. After a ten day therapy course, I was able to recover from the mentioned complaints. My pulse rate also reduced from 95 to 66 in two weeks and is now normal.

Yoga For Depression, Mood Disorder, Obesity, Irregular Periods

S. Geethalakshmi, Before coming to yoga class, I was taking 5 to 6 tablets each day for severe depression and mood disorder. Now I have been regularly practicing yoga for the past two years and I notice some nice changes in my life. I lost 13 kg weight in the first 6-7 months of yoga. I had irregular menstruation cycles.  Now I get regular periods. After joining yoga class, my highly disturbed sleep has also come to some regularity. I’m able to manage my daily activities in spite of my disturbed sleep because of yoga’s help. My mood is also under my control. I am also able to study well and I have started scoring above 95% in my semester exams because of the concentration I got by doing yoga. I will continue to practice yoga throughout my life.

Yoga For Central Serous Retinopathy

I am Dr.K.Baraneedharan, aged 39 years, practicing physician with busy work load. One day I have developed blurred vision and consulted my ophthalmologist. He investigatedand found to be diagnosed with condition called Central Serous Retinopathy. I have approached Guruji.shyamsunder and he analyzed my condition and started treating me with yoga therapy. I have achieved remarkable result in my vision within one week time and doing the yoga as he taught me to handle my busy work schedule and increased energy level. I am practicing yoga in my day to day life and advising patients to do so. Thanks for Guruji.shyamsunder for his wonderful art of preaching yoga. I pray almighty to continue his same service to the humanity.

Yoga For Lower Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Acidity, Digestion Problem and Headache

I, Poornima, female, aged 26, software professional, came for shoulder pain, knee pain, acidity, digestion problem head ache and back pain treatment in Chennai. After yoga therapy, I never feel headache. Back pain was fully cured and all other pains and problems also. Sir, you have taken a special care for me. I am so happy; your teaching was really good and made me take care of myself. Thank you so much.

Yoga For Chronic Asthma

I am Selvarju, aged 64 years, retired Accountant from Malaysia. I have BP for so many years and asthma also affected now in chronic condition. I came to India for treatment. I took yoga therapy. I learned simple asana practices which benefits chest region, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques… Before taking yoga I was regularly using corticosteroid inhaler with gave me severe side effects. After practicing yoga therapy, I have avoided using corticosteroid and antihistamines within one half month period. I can feel expanded chest, postural changes and improved breathing.

Yoga For Insomnia, depression and irritable bowel syndrome

I am Hari, aged 43, was working outside India for 17 years in a multinational company and made a decision to come back to India for good. Thought of coming back after leading a luxurious life as a director itself started depressing me. I was feeling restless and could not sleep well. I lost appetite and could not concentrate on my work and personnel life. As my health was deteriorating. I consulted a psychiatrist and he started dosing sleeping pills of anti depressants. Though the treatment continued for 6 months and when I was asked to try reducing the dosage. But immediately old symptoms returned back. I did not want to be under such treatment for ever. So I was looking for yoga centre and happened to meet Mr.shyamsunder of Patanjalee Yoga Centre. I must say it was God gift. After analyzing immediately he started specific yoga therapy for my condition, relaxation and concentration… I started to see a difference after a month and could feel better at work and home. Then the psychiatrist also accepted the difference and he reduced the dosage step by step and finally after two months of yoga practice the medication and psychotic treatment was completely stopped. Now I am leading a normal life. I should be thankful to Mr.shyamsunder for his guidance as a yoga guru, friend which keeps me practicing yoga with him and I am sure yoga will be part of my life forever.

Sneezing, Nosril Block, High BP and Neck pain treatment

Ravi aged 40 years, Software Professional. I wanted to say thank you for the therapy. I had severe sneezing for many years, blockage in my nose, high BP along with neck pain. Initially I went for treatment with ENT specialist who prescribed a nasal spray which to be used for 10 days and further advised to take Endoscopy along with blood test. I was not interested in going for a endoscopy because of fear of any intrusive  method.Then, luckily after few weeks I got advise for an non-intrusive nature based therapy combined with yogic exercises which was very much in my neighbourhood. I immediately joined Patanjalee Yoga and surprisingly after doing therapy within a week, I observed that the root cause has been rightly identified by Mr. shyamsunder which helped me getting cured >60% on first day itself, >75% on second day and felt completely relaxed without allergy symptoms. Me and my family members were joyful after seeing the progress. I feel very light weight for the past couple of weeks and wish to sustain this oxygen filling life permanently. I learnt the exercises for sustenance and do it daily at home. I could feel oxygen going into my lungs without sneezing or blockage. What a relief and started enjoying Adyar more than ever. My posture has also improved adding to my delight. The yoga therapy first approach and yoga for sustenance has really worked wonder for me.

Yoga For Headache, Giddiness, General Weakness and Tiredness

…….. Female, aged 37 years. I started the therapy for giddiness, head ache and general weakness. Within a week there was a lot of improvement. Heaviness in the head, giddiness are completely cured. Tiredness and lethargic feeling is gone. Feeling active. The headache I used to get before my monthly cycle is cured. Thanks a lot.

Yoga For Back Pain, Stiffness

I,  Ramani, male, aged 43 years, software professional, with shoulder stiffness many years ago, overall body stiffness, back stiffness, back pain. I did yoga on my own for couple of years by referring to books. However I did not notice any improvement in my conditions and also could not advance beyond basic postures. I realized I need better guidance and I took 10 day course with Sri.G.shyamsunder of Patanjalee Yoga. After 10days of personalized instruction from Shyamsunder sir, I noticed a tremendous improvement in all three areas. To me, This is the best back pain treatment in Chennai because my back stiffness was greatly reduced, overall body flexibility increased and my back pain got much relieved. I gained the understanding that proper guidance under an experienced and skilled guru is extremely valuable.

Yoga For Lower Back, Elbow Pain

I, Lakshmi.J, aged 62 years, home maker, had severe lower back pain left arm elbow pain. I was searching for a back pain specialist in Chennai, luckily I have found Mr.Shyamsunder . After attending the therapy classes the pain has reduced considerably and I am able to move and my arm freely.

Yoga For Sneezing, Dust Allergy

I  Jaya Priya, 33 yrs  had allergy and sneezing problem for as long as I could remember. Every morning, when I woke up, I would sneeze for 50 – 100 times. It would be triggered again by dust or pollution. Travelling, cleaning, and strenuous work – anything could aggravate the problem. After a month of yoga therapy, I was cured of this allergy problem.

Yoga For Sciatica

I Sangavai S, 49 yrs suffered from chronic sciatica for 13 yrs. I had undergone several treatments, seen many doctors including sports injury specialist and followed many therapies. Yet none of them gave me relief. When I tried yoga therapy, I was very doubtful on my first session. I persevered and saw improvement over the next sessions when the pain reduced to almost 95%. I finished the entire therapy and it now seems magical that I enjoy a healthy, pain free life. I have been going to regular yoga sessions for over 2 years. I am also an avid gymmer and enjoy the respect of my instructors and peers there. Yoga gives me flexibility and good health.

Swelling, Indigestion, Shoulder Pain, Gastric, and knee pain treatment in Chennai

Sudha, female, aged 41 years. Exercises suggested have been really helpful and I have not had gastric or indigestion problem till now fro the time I started practicing the asanas. Knee pain and swelling have not been there till now and I am feeling much more comfortable.

Yoga For General Well-being

Raghav, Software Professional, I still remember the day I stepped into the Patanjalee yoga center in Nov 2010. The positive vibes of the hall and the positive vibes from Mr. shyamsunder himself made a great first impression. I joined right away, embarking on a roughly two-year journey that had a profound impact on my life. I was traveling a lot, but I always attended his classes wheneverI was in Chennai during this two-year period.

Even I had learned yoga in my growing years, Patanjalee yoga center refined and improved it. The one hour class was beautifully designed, starting with a calming breathing and a short prayer to bring us to a receptive, positive mental state. It was followed by 12-24 rounds of sun salutations, which ensured every joint and muscle in the body was stretched and primed. This also got the circulation flowing well. After a recovery period in Savasana, the next 20 minutes were spent in a few day-specific asanas. Mr. shyamsunder has a mechanical engineering background, and it showed here. This 20-minute period was the main variable across days, and he designed it such that he covered all the body parts over a month. For e.g., the first week, the focus would be on the lower back. Even within the first week, the first day would be sitting asanas (focusing on the lower back), the next day would be lying down asanas (again, focusing on the lower back), etc. In the next week, a couple of days would then be spent on standing and balancing asanas, etc. Every day, the sequence always ended with a counter-pose; for e.g., a back-bend will always end a series of forward-bends, thus restoring your backbone position. The class ended with a relaxing series: Savasana, followed by a couple of breathing exercises, and finally by a brief ending prayer.

Mr. shyamsunder always came up with interesting variations of poses in the classroom, and employed dynamic sequences on some days, both to keep it interesting and to help people improve their flexibility and master harder poses. His class not only caters to your physical fitness, but is calming and rejuvenating too. I urge prospective learners to try out the class at least for one whole month to understand and experience the full benefits. You will be hooked!

Mr. shyamsunder is also a fantastic human being and has enriched himself with multiple degrees in Yoga in the last couple of years. Coupled with his mechanical engineering background and a service attitude, he has the ability to design custom sequence of poses in his group sessions and individual therapies. He has the right spirit, right education, and right skills. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a great Yoga teacher, and his Patanjalee center as an amazing spiritual space! 


Dr.R.Saravanan, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Institute for Energy Studies, Anna University,Chennai

My feedback on the PATANJALEE YOGA is as under:

Cleansing, refreshing and healing and am able to connect more, Physically and Spiritually through YOGA thought here. It has given me an ability to accept my own feelings, to experience that there are no limits. I am able to feel who I am and allow myself just to be. I have more energy, more patience with my Work, and I’m not so stressed any more. My LDL reduced below 70 and HDL increased to above 42 in 2/3 months of practice also the BP to normal. More in the moment and more grateful…immense gratitude and love during yoga. YOGA is actually the biggest change happened and transforming me to new area of research on Siddhargal Life and their YOGA.

Yoga for sleep disorder & adenoid

I am Sabareesh. I had adenoid, doctor suggested for surgery as I had pain and discomfort on my routine. I attended one week therapy session at patanjalee institute of yoga and therapy. Now I have been cured, can sleep well, no mouth breathing etc. All credits goes to Dr.Shyamsunder . Thank you

Sleep apnea treatment in Chennai

I have been attending the therapy and yoga classes at Patanjalee Institute of Yoga & Therapy at Adyar, Chennai for last three months. Actually, I was looking for the treatment for Sleep Disorder. My sleep was not proper due to snoring problem, I got check up and sleep tests under the guidance of an Allopathy Doctor. He suggested that I have to use CPAP machine while sleeping and the machine costs about 60-70 thousands Rupee. Besides this they prescribed nasal spray which may cause side effects also. Hence, Finally I decided to join some natural way of treating it, means by using yoga and therapy. I contacted this Patanjalee Institute in Adyar and took appointment for the treatment. After seven day of yoga therapy I found relief. Now, I am attending Yoga sessions in the morning daily Mon-Fri. I can say that the snoring has been reduced considerably by 60-70% and results are positive. I am sure that the sleep disorder problem can be treated very well at this centre, the therapist and yoga teacher is specialist in this field and prescribes case specific treatments. Thanks.

Case studies.


 Yoga For Sleep Apnea and Hypertension

Mechanical engineer, male, aged 62 years, diagnosed with sleep apnea and high BP. BP was 163/90 with maximum dosage of medication, disturbed sleep and snoring. Dr. advised to go for yoga therapy. In three weeks time he got remarkable change, deep sleep, no snoring and BP reduced to 103/80. He approached his doctor to reduce the BP medication. He is practicing yoga daily.

Yoga For Neck, shoulder, back pain and headache

Software Professional, female, aged 34 years with above condition. She took various treatments. Her parents, relatives and brother also having the same issues. She felt and convinced that it is hereditary issue, cannot be cured and convinced herself to live with above conditions.  She approached us. We started combination of yoga therapy and therapeutic oil application. Combination of both given wonderful result in three weeks period and she recovered well. Now she is continuing yoga in our centre for fitness general wellbeing,has no symptom of any of the above.

Yoga For Neck, shoulder, lower back pain stress, depression and palpation

Mechanical Engineer, male, aged 41 years approached us with above condition. He had the above complaints for the past 3 years. He was unable to do his landscaping business, as he was having multiple complications of the above. He tried almost all the treatments which includes yoga therapy also. Nothing suits him, mostly aggravated his condition. We started combinations of yoga therapy and therapeutic oil application. In three weeks time, he was totally cured. He restarted his business. We advised him for general yogic practice for fitness, prevention and wellbeing. He says he is perfectly alright even with busy schedule.

Yoga For Urinary Stress Incontinence

Senior citizen, aged 82 years, had above condition for nearly 4 years. Bed wetting also. He approached us with other issues. By considering his age factor simple workouts taught to him. Within in a month of time he had no such issues.

Software professional, male, aged 25 years, came with above condition. We have given therapeutic work out for a month for urinary stress. There was no remarkable change. We have confident on our workouts. Previous member (82y case study) was cured in 2 weeks of time. Again we analyzed and found that his other activities were aggravating and root cause of his problem. Then after controlling /modifying some activities of his routine urinary stress totally cured with our practice

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