Fitness for Females: Holistic Approach with Balanced Nutrition and Target Weight loss Exercise Routine

Unlocking Women Health with Community Support, Science backed Strategies & Experienced Mentors

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Fitness Program
Daily Live Workout Sessions
Flexible Timings (5AM-9PM)
Regular Follow Up
Personalized Diet Plan
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Sumit Dubey
Shyamsunder Biyani
  • 15 years of expertise
  • Certified professional Fitness Trainer
  • Coached more than 15000+ clients

What you can expect from this program?

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Experienced & trained fitness instructors and yoga experts
15 Years of Experience
Hassle-free online weight loss classes
Pocket-friendly weight loss program
Personalised Diet Plan, Live Workout session and regular follow-up
Do Kids Enjoy Yoga?

What you can expect from this program?

About Our Trainers

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Magan Bhai

Magan Bhai is a seasoned Yoga trainer with over 30 years of experience, fully certified across all levels by the Yoga Certification Board (YCB).

His approach to Yoga is holistic, focusing on physical postures, mental well-being, and spiritual growth. Specializing in traditional Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, and Yoga therapy for stress management, Magan Bhai has guided thousands towards a healthier lifestyle.

Recognized for his teaching excellence and commitment to Yoga as a way of life, he offers transformative journeys for those looking to explore the balance between body, mind, and spirit.

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Deepa Srinivasan

Deepa Srinivasan is a dedicated Yoga instructor with over 12 years of experience, holding a Level 5 certification from the Yoga Certification Board (YCB).

Her specialization lies in Weight Loss Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga, offering tailored sessions that cater to individual needs for holistic health. Deepa’s approach integrates the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of Yoga to assist individuals in achieving their health and wellness goals.

With a focus on personalized care, she has helped numerous clients navigate the journey of weight management and supported expectant mothers through their pregnancy journey with Yoga.

What do our clients have to say About Us?


Your body is unique. Pay attention to what it tells you. Don’t do hard exercises when you have your periods. Gentle yoga styles like Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra are perfect to calm down during your periods. There are some yoga poses that can ease the pain and are good to do when you have your periods.

Don’t continue the practice if you experience any pain or discomfort. Pay attention to your body and don’t push yourself too hard. Tell the teacher if you are doing yoga with a teacher and rest in Shavasana for a while. If you feel better, you can start the practice again, otherwise skip the rest of the practice that day. If the pain doesn’t go away, talk to the teacher about it and also see a doctor right away.

Yoga is for everyone, but you should pay attention to your body and know your limits when you do yoga. Don’t do upside-down poses, breath retention, or hard exercises if you have high blood pressure, hernia, or recent surgery. But if you think you can do yoga, feel free to try. Start slowly and don’t overdo it at first.

Its same like school fees. Even if you are absent, fees cannot be adjusted or duration cannot be extended. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we need to maintain the discipline.

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