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Our Guruji Dr.Ramakrishnan G Passed Away on July 15, 2022. So We Are Temporarily Not Operating.

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Our specialities

Our specialities

  • For permanent back pain relief, treatment should include pain relief, mobility, strengthening and proper alignment of back. Only yoga therapy can give this benefits to you.
  • We offer many treatments including back pain based on these philosophies.  
  • Yoga therapy is given by Dr.Ramakrishnan.,Ph.D in Yoga.
  • 18+ years of expertise in treating back pain with yoga.
  • We offer customised yoga therapy based on the individuals’ ability. For example, If you can only sit, we can start with the sitting postures of back pain yoga.
  • Complete & lasting back pain relief quickly.
  • Guaranteed results
  • Treatments given for back, neck, shoulder and knee pain also.
  • No side effects
  • Get consultation from back pain expert. Why wait?. Call now

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