Yoga to boost Immune System

Immunity Yoga

The immune system is important in our life. It helps to keep away bacteria, viruses, parasites, and more. In fact, the immune system only helps us to be healthy. The immune system is in the whole body and it involves many tissues, cells, organs, and proteins.


There are the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems in our body. Yoga is the one and only practice which can help to keep all these systems healthy and effective.


These cells and tissues make a complex attack when bacteria and viruses. The white blood cells help to fight against the viral infection. When the immune system encounters a pathogen, virus, and bacteria it mounts a so-called immune system response.


The immune system works by detecting the proteins that are found on the surface of all cells. You need to improve your immune system to be healthy. Nowadays, in the covid 19 pandemic the immune power is needed the most to fight against the diseases.

So you can try yoga asanas to boost your immune system. Yoga is one of the ancient therapies that helps to cure many diseases. It also helps to improve your immune system. The immunity can get low by seasonal allergies and emotional stress.


So you can know the reason for the low immunity in your body and try yoga asana based on them. Stress can be handled by yoga through pranayam. Pranayama help to calm your mind and reduce stress and tension. Yoga strengthens the body and improves the immune system. 

5 yoga asana to boost the immune system


Having a yoga routine in your life can improve your overall body and keep you healthy. If you have a low immunity should practice asana in a slow and gentle way with paying a lot of attention to breathing. The below are 5 asanas to boost the immune system.

Bow Pose

  • Bow pose is called Dhanurasana.

  • When you want to boost your immune system then the bow pose is the best pose.

  • It is an ideal stress buster.

  • By applying pressure in the digestive system helps to improve the flow of white blood cells.

  • It also helps to strengthen the digestive system.

Bow pose

Locust Pose

  • Locust pose helps to improve the immune system.

  • It strengthens the spine, lower back, hip joints, arms, legs, and pelvic organ.

  • In fact, it improves blood flow to the spinal area.

  • It also applies enough pressure on the abdomen.

Locust pose

Low lunge pose

  • Low lunge poses improve immunity by dealing in both body and mind.

  • It works on muscles and joints.

  • In fact, it helps to improve the balance.

  • Practicing this pose can boost the immune system and calm your mind.

Low lung pose

Seated Forward Bend

  • The seated forward poses is the best pose to improve the immune system. 

  • It reduces stress and tension by keeping the brain calm.

  • Furthermore, it applies pressure to the spine, hamstring and improves the digestive system.

  • While doing you have to coordinate with breath.

seated forward bend

Tree Pose

  • The tree pose helps to bring a balance and boost the immune system.

  • It is one of the best poses to improve immunity.

  • It can strengthen your body.

  • This pose helps to release stress and tension.

  • As it symbolizes the sense of calm and serenity.

Tree pose

In this covid pandemic, you need to keep your immune system improved. So that you can fight against the disease. Therefore We conduct online live yoga daily in the online yoga classes in Bangalore , Chennai and many major cities across the world. so that you can be healthy. Yoga can help to strengthen your body and boost your immune system. So practice yoga and keep your body healthy with us.


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